Extreme Caution Urged When Hiring
Recently, the Animal Ag Alliance published a document titled, "Extreme Caution Urged When Hiring: How to Identify an Undercover Activist." The document provides valuable information and urges farm managers to be watchful for individuals who have been found responsible for some of the latest undercover activist videos released to the media and public in the past year.

The activist tactic of obtaining illicit employment in order to obtain video intended to malign the reputation of farmers and ranchers is becoming increasingly common. While animal abuse in any shape or form is never condoned by the agriculture industry, activists use highly-edited images of violence and neglect to prey on the emotions of the public.

PennAg is reminding members of the agribusiness community to be on high alert and be diligent in following precautions when hiring new employees.


2012 Census Profiles Pennsylvania Farmers and Agriculture

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the final 2012 Census of Agriculture results sharing a wide-range of information about what agricultural products were raised in the United States in 2012, and where, how and by whom they were grown.


Lancaster County, took the top spot out of all U.S. counties with inventory of egg laying chickens at 10.7 million birds. Chester County led all U.S. counties for mushroom sales totaling $396.8 million dollars. To view the entire census, click here.

Preparing for Warm Weather
After last summer, we all know of the troubles hot weather can create. We can hope that this summer won’t be so bad - but it would be foolish not to do everything we can reasonably do to be ready for another long, hot summer.


Checklists are a great way to keep on track and set priorities on servicing equipment and houses. This checklist provides handy steps for preventive maintenance on the most critical parts of animal housing environmental control systems: Fans, Evaporative Cooling, Electrical Systems, and the Backup Generator. You can print and carry this checklist with you (or give to helpers), as well as post in convenient places in your office or your houses as both reminders and records to make sure your houses and equipment keep running smoothly.


Most of these steps are not hard to do and are not expensive. However, they must be done in advance. In other words, preventive maintenance is a must!

Biosecurity Signs - Order Today

Looking for an indisputable way to designate that your operation is a biosecure area and that trespassing will not be tolerated? Look no further! PennAg has 'Biosecure Area' signs available at a low cost. Download order form.


July 15-17

United Soybean Board Meeting

(Hershey, PA)


July 16

PEQAP Oversight Committee Meeting

July 17

NW PA Feed Association Golf Classic

11 a.m.

(Venango Valley Golf Course, Venango)


July 31

PA Aquaculture Advisory Council Meeting

10 a.m.

(Room 202, PA Dept. of Agriculture)


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