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Our Statement Regarding PennAg’s Withdrawal from the Pennsylvania Farm Show Food Court

Agriculture has been essential from day one of the COVID-19 Pandemic. From March 2020, agribusinesses have been evaluating risks on an hourly basis to ensure their team members were healthy and protected. Their actions ensured no interruptions to the feed, fertilizer and food supply chain. 

We continue to run daily risk analyses, and given the current health concerns, anticipated spikes in illness, shortages of staff and space at medical facilities, and the sheer nature of the enclosed Farm Show atmosphere, we have made the very hard decision to forego hosting the PennAg Food Booth at the 2022 PA Farm Show in January. 

This decision has not been made without careful thought and consideration, and it has weighed heavily on the minds of the PennAg Board of Directors and staff for weeks, as to how we could host the booth productively and efficiently, while mitigating health risks. The conclusion was reached this morning with the overarching concern for our members’ well-being, and ability to keep their businesses open and operational, without risking the health of their employees outweighing all other factors.

The Farm Show is a tremendous event showcasing the best of PA Agriculture. The opportunity for PennAg to highlight the Farm Show as a means of telling the story of agriculture to the general public, legislators, policy makers and influencers is parallel to none other. While it saddens us to not have a strong presence with our food booth, we are confident our decision is in the best interests of our members, our board and our staff. 

For questions, please contact Chris Herr, Executive Vice President of PennAg Industries at 717-940-9273.

Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

Thomas Jefferson