Why should you be a PennAg member?

Advocacy to keep you connected – staff are proactive and vigilant on issues and topics relevant to our membership

Industry insight to keep you current – informed members are prosperous members – communication and dialogue are key to us

Networking opportunities to keep you engaged – training, meetings and events throughout the year allow for continuous engagement among members

Suite of benefits – from health insurance to workers comp and farm/agribusiness insurance to scholarship programs

PennAg Prime Insurance Program

WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!   Let your PennAg Membership work for you with our EXCLUSIVE PennAg Prime Workers Compensation Insurance Program through McKee Risk Management, Inc.    Designed with your agribusiness’ needs in mind; Outstanding service that you & your employees deserve; Average premium reduction of 20% realized by participating PennAg Members.     LEARN MORE & REQUEST A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION TODAY!  Agent Administrators- Rita & Jessica McMullen, PDM Insurance Agency Inc. Phone 1-800-701-4050. Visit for more information.

Central Penn Benefits

We are pleased to be an insurance partner of PennAg Industries Association, offering members valuable health benefits including group medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability, as well as voluntary work-site benefits. 

Central Penn Benefits, Inc. has proudly served the region for almost 20 years. Jennifer Geesey, the President, is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science.   Jennifer has spent over 25 years working within the insurance and healthcare industry, with extensive experience in analyzing large group performance, utilizing claim projection models and managing small group business, all areas that will benefit the agribusiness members of PennAg. In addition to Jennifer’s background, the Central Penn Benefits staff brings over 40 years of combined human resources and benefits experience to this partnership.

As an established independent consulting firm, Central Penn Benefits is pleased to offer additional benefits outside of the standard health benefits: 

  • The vast experience of our staff allows for various strategic options that will help to keep your long-term costs down. Our actuarial experience allows us to assist with self-funded products and to help determine what options might be the best fit for your circumstances.
  • All clients have access to an HR portal called Employee Navigator. Both the employee and employer can review benefits and associated costs as well as make selections all in one portal.  They will also find all related compliance documents. The portal simplifies compliance for the employer and is helpful with onboarding and PTO tracking. Downloadable annual total compensation statements help to illustrate the employee’s total value of compensation and benefits, beyond their regular paycheck. 
  • Your compliance is a top priority. We provide all necessary documents to maintain compliance such as Affordable Care Act notices, Section 125 POP and ERISA SPD wrap documents and Cobra.  We also assist with the ACA Reporting.
  • We provide clients with FREE access to HR360, an online library with an abundant amount of human resource information and templates such as handbooks, policies and more.

In addition to these value-added services, Central Penn Benefits strives to provide prompt, thorough and friendly customer service to every client with every interaction.

Central Penn Benefits looks forward to serving as your partner and representative for all of your benefit needs. On behalf of both PennAg and Central Penn Benefits, we know that your employee’s health and well-being are of the utmost importance, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. For more information on Central Penn Benefits, I encourage you to visit us online at

For more information please contact us at (717) 718-5687 or by email to

Please see below for just a couple of the testimonials we have received from PennAg customers:

Central Penn Benefits has been especially helpful to our employees and to us as a company in selecting and managing human resource benefits. Jen, Lisa, Robin, and all the staff at Central Penn are knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to all our questions and needs.  Using the online human resource tools they offer has also been an added value to our company.

Michelle Kirby

A/P and HR, Kirby Agri Inc.

I want to say in all my years of working (so far 42 years), I don’t think I have ever had the great customer service from anyone as I do with Central Penn Benefits.  The 3 of you have been so helpful in getting me all I have asked for and helping me with Employee Navigator.  I am truly grateful!

Tina M. Horst

General Manager, Tecno Poultry

Central Penn Benefits group have been a pleasure to work with in regards to our company benefits. The ladies are all knowledgeable and professional in regards to any questions we have when dealing with our employees. With the online portal through Central Penn it has made handling open enrollment/new hire benefit enrollments a breeze. With the use of the portal it has put all the information at the finger tips for our employee’s and their families to access at any time.

We used electronic open enrollment this past November 2019 and had a success rate of 90% of our employee’s completing their own open enrollment. The feedback from our employees was very positive with comments about how simple it was to navigate the online portal. We helped the remaining 10% based on the employee having no internet access or access to a computer.

I look forward to working with the ladies at Central Penn Benefits for years to come.

Kevin Nace

HR Administrator, Mark Hershey Farms

“Our company has been working with Central Penn Benefits since they partnered with PennAg Industries a year ago.   CPB helps us manage our company’s health benefits program.  Whenever I have a question about their employee navigator website, an insurance claim question, or a benefits question from an employee, our CPB representative–Robin–can be reached with a simple phone call or email.  She is always very willing to help me quickly find the answers I need!  It is reassuring to know that our company can rely upon them.” 

Melissa Zimmerman

HR Manager, Gehman Feed Mill Inc.


In 1848, a group of farmers came together to start an insurance company they could depend on to keep promises and provide support when needed the most. They formed the company based on their core values – to make an honest living, raise a family, start a business, and build a nation – to provide good, honest cash to rebuild, be there when needed the most, and keep promises. And they put their name on it. The Ohio Farmers Insurance Company.

Over 170 years later, the Ohio Farmers Insurance Company is still around. You know us as Westfield. While our name is different, we’ve never strayed from our core values and agricultural traditions. In fact, we understand the energy, resiliency and passion that goes into your work. At Westfield, we’ve created options to protect your farm and livelihood. And if the time comes, we’ll be there for you just as we promise.

Since 1848, we’ve worked hard to make sure we’re offering solutions for challenges you haven’t met yet, which is why our available coverage options address many types of farming challenges. We care about your business. That’s why Penn Ag members receive a 5% premium discount on their farm or agribusiness policy with us. When you put together all the options you get from us, you have a confident solution that helps ensure a good night’s rest. Visit for more information.

PennAg recognizes that each agribusiness has a distinct set of needs as unique as their own operation and goals. Our members enjoy regular participation in and support from eight councils and five standing committees with a focus on a specific commodity group or relevant industry concern. These groups function independently, but help bring perspective to collective membership initiatives.

Get involved with PennAg’s councils and committees, created with your agribusiness in mind!

Councils work to promote and protect member interests within specific areas of agriculture. Find out more about each council below:

Agronomic Products & Seed

From crop inputs such as lime and fertilizer to the seed you plant – the Agronomic Products and Seed Council focus on issues related to pesticide application to seed tags to 4R’s.


The Commonwealth is second to Alaska in miles of streams and PA is ranked 4th in trout production.  Issues impacting PA Fish Farmers such as fish health, PA Fish and Boat Commission regulations and licenses to propagate and sell fish are topics tackled by this council.

Feed, Grain, & Allied Industry

Anyone associated with Grain Buying, feed milling and creating balanced rations have a place in the Feed, Grain & Allied Industry Council.  The council explores issues ranging from transportation to grain quality to regulatory training sessions.


Equine is big in Pennsylvania – from pleasure horse to barrel racing to standardbred and thoroughbred racing.  The Horse Council dives into issues of equine health, horse transport and issues our members never thought they would encounter.

Manure Haulers & Applicators

The proper method of transport and application of the valuable fertilizer resource, known as manure, is at the center of this council.  From issues related to transportation to regulation to continuing education credits, the Manure Haulers & Applicators council is on top of it.


Poultry in Pennsylvania is extremely diverse and is growing.  From Layers to Broilers to Ducks to Game Birds, the Poultry Council handles an array of issues.  Poultry health is a top priority, followed by regular communication with USDA, PDA, AHDC and industry stakeholders.


There is a mix of swine production in the Commonwealth – from large scale production to pasture pork to show pigs.  The Swine Council is able to help with any issue they face – from township ordinances, to community education to swine health and disease prevention.

Committees focus on issues that Pennsylvania agribusinesses face each day. Find out more about these committees below:


The PennAg Legislative Committee is open to all members who have an interest in politics, legislation and regulations.  The Committee meets quarterly to review bills introduced by legislators in Harrisburg and discuss how those bills would impact PennAg members ability to grow and operate in Pennsylvania.


Transportation is a core function of PennAg members.  From rail to roads to air and boat -PennAg members all use various methods of transportation.  This committee focuses on what our members need to be successful – from training sessions with Federal DOT or PennDOT to authorization to transport goods during adverse weather.  The transportation committee focuses on keeping ag moving in PA.


Trained, skilled, dependable workforce is essential for all businesses.  This committee has 2 areas of focus. One is workers from another country looking for employment in an agriculture field and the second is outreach to youth (4th-12th grade) to make them aware of the numerous, exciting careers in PA Agriculture.

Contact to learn more or apply for membership! We can’t wait to hear from you!