Our Mission

 PennAg informs, educates and advocates for industry so agribusiness can grow and prosper.

The mission is achieved by monitoring regulations and legislation, networking among agricultural organizations, and educating decision-makers on the importance of agribusiness to the communities of the Commonwealth.

Executive Vice President’s Message

Members & Visitors,

Thank you so much for visiting the website for PennAg Industries Association! All of us at PennAg; our board, staff, and more than 450 agribusinesses and farm members are proud of this organization, its history, and its relevant mission for today’s complex world. The issues we address are complicated, and our place at the table is important.

For our members, it’s our goal to be relevant in the everyday operations of your farms and businesses. We want to be a resource and a tool to help make you more competitive and forever sustainable. Our hope is to provide information, training, guidance, and especially leadership in Harrisburg.

As a visitor to our website, you may disagree with an issue or practice that a PennAg member or industry represents. We have agreed to disagree with some prominent animal, environment, and human rights organizations in the world. This has not been a bad thing. What we have learned from these organizations is that there is often common ground that, if established, will make our world a better place.

At PennAg Industries Association we are all about finding solutions to problems that face our industry, state, nation, and world. We are serious about addressing issues. We are not interested in shifting blame, pointing fingers, or misleading the public with inaccurate information or propaganda. We are willing to work with anyone who is serious about creating solutions.

Welcome to our website, and welcome to PennAg. Please call on us if we can be helpful.


Christian R. Herr PennAg Board Secretary PennAg Executive Vice President Harrisburg, PA